Wisconsin State Fair RV Park
Wisconsin State Fair RV Park
Wisconsin State Fair RV Park
Wisconsin State Fair RV Park

STARS: 2.5 out of 5

WISCONSIN STATE FAIR RV PARK, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: GPS 43.0261, -88.0088

The good: This RV park is very close to Milwaukee and to suburbs we wanted to access for visiting family. It is also close to the fair grounds, if you are going to an event.

Parking is easy. Wide spaces and wide rows to navigate with few obstacles.

Easy access to freeway.

Clean, "modern" bathrooms.

Full hook up pull throughs.

The bad: It is about as ugly of an RV park as you can find! There are no trees, very little grass. It's literally parking in a parking lot rather than camping. 

It's on the pricey side, especially for the setting.

It was a little confusing to get to using our GPS. If you are traveling on 94 E, know that as you are getting close to the 84th Street exit (GPS calls it 181, I think), you will first need to get over to the left a couple of lanes or you will be forced to exit onto a different freeway. There are surface road underpasses that you may not fit under if you are tall. Just be careful.

Verizon was OK. ATT was OK. We got a few decent stations on our TV antenna. Our ATT router worked great.