The reviews are based on "like for like." In other words, campgrounds are rated as campgrounds, and the score is based on a comparison to other campgrounds, not in comparison to a boondocking spot. Same with RV Parks and boondocking spots. They are all compared to their same category of locations.

We tend to prefer natural settings with few people, so our scores reflect that preference.

We are relatively inexperienced travel trailer drivers, so we tend to prefer easily accessible places, and that is reflected in our reviews as well. NOTE: a year and a half into our travels we swapped our 32' travel trailer for a massive 45' fifth wheel so it became even more important to have easily accessible locations.

In later entries I have tried to include photos of the maps of the campgrounds or RV parks and the campsite post in the photos so that you can zoom in and see what specific sites look like.

Many people don't realize you can put GPS coordinates into Google maps, but you can. I have provided GPS coordinates for all of the sites. For boondocking, they are often to the entrance to the area. 

I do my best to explain our reasoning behind our ratings, but ratings are always subjective.

We have never received compensation or discounts in return for a review. They are ALL unbiased.

If you ever have a question about a location, feel free to reach out. The best way to do so is by email. Or if the "chat with us" appears at the bottom right, then I have that feature turned on on my phone and may be able to chat with you that way. Email is: