Quebec City, Quebec -- Revisited (2 Years Later)

We traveled extensively in Canada in 2017 -- hitting 9 of the 10 provinces over a 4+ month period. It was amazing.

One of my favorite cities was Quebec City. It has such a beautiful European flair that reminds me of my childhood (I lived in Germany for a few years as an "army brat".) I am excited to be on the East Coast again, so I can revisit some of the charm.

We spent a day meandering through the streets of Quebec. There was a comedy fair and a musical performance to keep us occupied as we sat on benches in the streets.

One of the things I noticed that was truly striking to me is that NONE of the patrons at the restaurants were on their phones! No surfing, email checking, social media posting -- none of that. In its place was lively conversation at vibrant sidewalk cafes. It was inspiring! You mean, people really do connect by conversing in some places? Wow. What a concept.

Since I've been back in Vermont, I've been trying to practice self-discipline and NOT pull out my device as much. It's amazing how addicted I am to the darn thing. Practice makes perfect... we'll see how it goes.

O' Canada!