Our tour around the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario

While we hung out near Rochester, NY, we decided to take a trip around some of the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario.

The route below shows our rough loop, but the list is not all encompassing, since many waypoints are not showing in the screenshot of our Google Maps route.

We hit about 5 towns along highway 20, which connects many very cute towns to each other, then went up the 89 to head west (towards Rochester) along the coast of Lake Ontario.

Our favorite towns were Canandaigua (Finger Lake) and Sodus Point (Lake Ontario).

Canandaigua had a gorgeous, huge park along the shores of Canandaigua Lake which is the fourth largest of the Finger Lakes and home to Squaw Island (one of only two islands in the Finger Lakes).

Sodus Point is a "beach community" along the shores of Lake Ontario. There is a cute lighthouse (photos below), beautiful homes, a nice park, and sweet community. I'd live there in a second (if I could afford it!).

It was a fun 5 hour journey (with stops). We even stopped at a distillery in Seneca Falls for a brief tasting. All in all, tons of fun!