Thermopolis and Hot Springs State Park

We moved on to Thermopolis and the Hot Springs State Park in Wyoming.

This state park hosts 3 different hot springs facilities: Star Plunge (for kids), Tee Pee Pools ($15 admission), and the Bathhouse (free admission). We checked out all of them, but we paid to go into the Tee Peel Pools.

The Tee Pee Pools were a bit cloudy, which we didn't really like. They were very sulfur smelling as well. They turned our silver necklaces black...

The good thing about this facility is that there were a lot of pools -- both indoors and outdoors -- at varying temps. The shower facilities were decent as well.

The bad thing about the Tee Pee Pools is both that they didn't seem very clean, and there were no cold pools. I think the coldest was 98 degrees!

The Bathhouse didn't have private showers. It had one indoor and one outdoor pool. Both were fairly small, and you are only allowed to sit or stand in them -- no swimming or pool activities.

The Star Plunge was loud and wild with the screams of tons of kids enjoying the many slides.

We also did a walk through the state park and saw the Tee Pee Fountain and the suspension bridge. The experience was overall very cool, and we were really glad we went. We most likely wouldn't go back to the Tee Pee Pools, but we would return to the town and probably go to the Bathhouse.