Buffalo Bill

Our next stop was Cody, Wyoming, home of Buffalo Bill!

We went to the Buffalo Bill Dam which was the tallest dam built at the time it was completed. Now it is a fraction of the size of the Hoover Dam, but at the time it was quite a feat to build it, especially in the challenging weather.

What wouldn't have occurred to me was that because in the Spring and Summer the run off from the mountains is so crazy, the dam had to be built in the Fall and Winter. That means snow, ice, and bitter cold temperatures!

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West was a conglomeration of 5 museums under one roof. We went to the Natural History Museum and the Gun Museum. Both were cool, but given that I've been to some spectacular Natural History Museums in my day (I grew up with the Smithsonian in my backyard), the Gun Museum was the one that I fancied.