Wind Caves National Park & Custer State Park

We've been to many caverns and caves on this adventure and they all have qualities about them that make them unique and interesting. This one, Wind Caves, has some interesting history about the early explorers of the caverns. One of the images below is of the opening used in the early days to explore the cavern and also how it was "discovered." When you take the tour, however, you go through a different entrance (lucky for me), and it is it's own experience. You descend 300 rugged stairs down to the tunnels of the cave. I think it's about 200 feet deep by the end of the tour. The tour moved too quickly for my taste. I would have liked to stop more often to admire the formations -- primarily calcite formations called boxwork -- but the path was too narrow and the pace too quick to stop and take photos.

If you have any degree of claustrophobia, I wouldn't recommend this park. The spaces are much more confining than any other cavern I've been too. But if that isn't an issue for you, the experience is very cool.

Below I've also included a couple of photos of tunnels along the road to/from the Wind Caves, within Custer State Park. They were only about 8 feet high and 8 feet wide. I was so scared driving our truck through them!

We also saw some wild bison and wild donkeys road-side. It was such a fun drive.