The Magnificent Black Hills of South Dakota

I was just going through my photos to download to my computer to get caught up on my blog, and I had to marvel at how many amazing things we've gotten to see and experience. I feel so lucky to live this life.

The Black Hills of South Dakota were a real surprise for me. I figured they'd be beautiful since I'd heard they were, but I wasn't prepared for the extent of their beauty. I would live in that area in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, others feel that way as real estate prices aren't cheap.

The richness of the black soil against the evergreens and blue skies are just so inspiring. We took several hikes in this area, all of which were amazing. One hike was so unique that it will get it's own post...

Here are some photos of the Three Waterfalls hike we did and some other shots of the Spearfish Creek area.