Deadwood (and Lead) -- pleasant surprises

After going to Tombstone some time ago because "you have to see it if you are in the area," I figured Deadwood would be much the same -- a tourist trap void of anything truly interesting. However, we were pleasantly surprised.

Deadwood's old town main street area is truly quite sweet. It's paved in red brick and has interesting looking shops and restaurants. It certainly was oriented towards tourism, but didn't feel overly touristy, at least to me anyway.

We spent most of our time exploring the cemetery -- we have a bit of a strange fascination with cemeteries in general -- and saw Calamity Jane's and Wild Bill's graves -- among others. Calamity Jane request to be buried by Wild Bill and her wish was granted.

Another surprise were the towns around Deadwood, in particular, the town of Lead. Really cute, and lots of history. Lead has a very interesting landmark -- Sanford Lab Homestake. The Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center has exhibits describing the purpose of the lab. The Sanford Underground Research Facility is an underground laboratory that is the deepest underground laboratory in the United States. It houses multiple physics experiments in areas such as dark matter and neutrino research. One person on the board described its importance as being akin to the first man on the moon.