Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Because J and I were working opposite shifts, she was not able to go to the North Unit with me (she was sleeping, but I had the day off due to weather conditions). Some of these pics are from the day I went by myself to the North Unit. However, once we were done with Sugarbeet, we went together to see the South Unit. It was quite fun! There is a little (touristy) town of sorts. There was the coolest playground there. Two playgrounds actually... one was like a small western town (my favorite) and the other had lots of really cool equipment, but not the flair of the other one.

Perhaps the very coolest thing about our day at Teddy Roosevelt National Park was seeing the wild horses! Yes... wild horses! Isn't that just tooooo cool? They were beautiful and right on the side of the road. We spent so much time over the summer hiking Wildhorse Island looking for wild horses and never saw them. But now we got to see some! Exciting!

Oh, yeah... and there's a story about the last photo. A friend of ours who camp hosted with us at Big Arm told us about the "Pitchfork Steak Fondue" and the performance/play that accompanies it. Sadly we were about a month and a half too late for the event, but it sounds worth a trip back to see at some point. Apparently as a part of a performance, the performers put steaks on the end of pitchforks and dip them into hot oil, making steak fondue. It's supposed to be quite the thing! I hope to see (and eat) it one day!