The Sugarbeet Harvest! Wow... what a job.

We decided to work the Sugarbeet harvest in Sidney, Montana to earn some money to buy solar for our rig. We love to boondock, and haven't been able to since we bought the new rig. Our other trailer had a solar system, but this highly-electric fifth wheel does not.

The pay is decent, but the hours are long and hard. We worked 12 hour days, 7 days a week. I worked days and J worked evenings. We split the schedule so that the pets wouldn't be alone for 12 hour stretches. While my shift was really challenging, J's tasks made mine look like a cake walk. In addition to running the piler, picking up fallen beets during a semi truck's spill while unloading, directing traffic, keeping the equipment free of mess, J also had to deep clean the equipment. In addition, while I was in freezing temps (often in the 20s), J was often working in temps 10 degrees colder than I was. AND she had to scrape frozen mud off the piler in all its nooks and crannies. What unpleasant work.

The work did give us an appreciation for hard-working blue collar workers who do laborious jobs like this every day for the entire lives. I could suffer through it, knowing it was only 2-4 weeks long. For some people, this is their life and their livelihood. THAT would be really tough for me.