Life at Flathead Lake

We've now been at Big Arm State Park at Flathead Lake in Montana for about 2 months. It has been an interesting, and mostly fantastic, time.

We are camp hosts here, and fortunately we adore the other camp hosts. The first ones we worked with were Mike & Tiffany and their 2 adorable kids (and I'm NOT a kid person) named Makaylee and Jesse. They also have a super cute German Shepherd named Cira. Jesse (3 years old) likes to patrol the area in his little police car. Makaylee (6 years old) loves it when J (and anyone else) will spin her. They are both really social kids, and lots of fun to watch as they navigate the world. We love it when they pick flowers for us or make us drawings. Or simply when they yell our names when we get home and come running towards us. It's really special for me, at least.

The work has varied from really draining to fairly basic. In the beginning, we were all highly gung-ho and worked waaaay more hours than required. We've all chilled that a bit and are pacing ourselves better now.

Tiffany, Mike, and family are still here, but they work in paid capacities now. We have other camp hosts to work with. Lynn and Maury were the new folks on the block, but today the really new ones arrived: Paula and Michael. Lynn and Maury are a nice retired couple who travel/live in their rig 6 months out of the year and in Lake Havasu the rest. P & M are unknown factors at this point, as they literally just pulled in 2 hours ago.

We were a bit disappointed that we don't have a lake view from our spot, but the privacy is a nice compensation. I'm envious of the lakefront spots, like the one we had last year as campers, but there would be no peace. At least up here on the hill we can have some quiet time away from all the throngs of summer campers.

One of the perks of being here for 4 months is that we get to have friends and family come visit us. We've already had 5 sets of visitors and we have 4 more coming. It's wonderful getting reunited with our loved ones in a super cool spot. We've done boating with our new Nucanoe and SUPs, rented a pontoon boat, visited Glacier NP, relaxed and explored.

I think we both agree that we'd "workamp" again (work for services and sometimes pay), but I don't know that we'd camp host again. It's more work than we bargained for!

Here are some glimpses of what our lives have been like over the past 2 months: