Lions Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

I hadn't seen my mom for about a year, so I decided to fly to San Diego for a few days to visit. My mom's life partner donates money to an organization called Lions Tigers and Bears, and this allowed us to go visit the animals benefiting from being at this non-profit.

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They provide sanctuary for approximately 75 exotic animals that had been previously mistreated, abused, or neglected. I had no idea that the exotic animal trade was such a huge business (a multi-BILLION-dollar a year industry) see I find it to be extraordinarily sad that so many animals are bred to be kept in tiny (4' x 6') cages in peoples' backyards... and in worse instances... to be kept in small cages so that game "hunters" can walk up to the cage and shoot the animals to take home as a trophy.

This is not my usual fun and uplifting post, I know, but I find this so tragic, and I had no idea this "business" was third of horrific businesses, in line behind drug trade and human trafficking.

There are many ways to donate to this organization, if money isn't an option. For example, local fire stations donated their old fire hoses which are woven by volunteers into giant hammocks for the animals. If you have something to give, they will find a way to use it for good.

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