College Station / Texas A&M

Jacqueline's alma mater is Texas A&M and she wanted to show me her old stomping grounds. She said a lot has changed in the last 30+ years (duh), but it was still extremely fun to visit and watch her reminisce. Avery enjoyed it to, since we walked the entire campus and then some with her. And, per usual, I turned her into the model she loves to be.

We were very disappointed that Deluxe Burger Bar is no longer in existence, since that is where J worked and spent many a day and night over several years. The Dixie Chicken is still in operation, and we stopped in to see it, but that was never her favorite, even though it is a bit of an icon in the town.

The "new" stadium is huge. In front of it are the graves of the Reveilles of years past (the university's dog mascot). It's a very sweet memorial.