Wow! Hot Springs National Park

This was a super fun and very different National Park experience. I believe it is the smallest square footage national park. The city of Hot Springs is within the National Park and any business operating in the city can claim to be "in the National Park," which is kind of interesting. Dogs, naturally, are allowed throughout the Park/town. They have water stations to fill up your bottles with the spring water. There are both hot and cold dispensers which was really great and enabled us to fill our bottles and growler up for later enjoyment.

The really fun thing though was splurging and getting the traditional hot springs bath. They take you into the locker room where you strip down and get wrapped in a sheet. You then are escorted to a private claw foot tub bath with a whirlpool feature. You soak there for 20 minutes or so and then proceed to a steam booth. After that it's a sitz bath and finally a needle shower. If you really want to splurge, you can get a 20 minute massage after that. We don't have the budget for that, but the $33 experience described was well-worth the splurge. We definitely recommend it!