Prince Edward Island (PEI)

While we were camped at Grand Beach in Manitoba, I met a man at the dog beach who said we MUST go to Prince Edward Island. He said Shediac, which is on the way, is the lobster capitol of the world and must be seen. And he said the island is super cool (well, he didn't use those words but you get the idea).

As I've mentioned, when someone has told us we MUST do something, we do it. So even though we were scheduled to exit Canada after Quebec City, and even though it meant a logistical nightmare, we rearranged everything to visit PEI.

After talking with him, J googled Prince Edward Island and found out that the dates we could be there coincided with their Annual Shellfish Festival. This four day event featured chef competitions and exhibits around the marvelous seafood of the island. More exciting was the dinner held the first night. It was called "Feast and Frolic" and was advertised as offering 20+ unique types of oysters and a grand meal. Well sign us up!

We thought they'd maybe give us tickets for the oysters. We didn't think it would be an all you can eat type of deal... but it was! They had 22 types of oysters and were set up smartly around a circle so that you could go down the line and eat to your heart's content. With as many people there as there were (about 450), we thought we'd be fighting our way to the food. Au contraire. It was organized really well. As soon as you picked up and ate an oyster, another one was shucked and set down. We ate about 70 oysters between us. One man at the event ate 100 himself.

The oysters were only one of the APPETIZERS, however. Yes, I said appetizers. The main meal is yet to come. The other appetizers were 4 types of muscle recipes, 3 types of seafood chowder recipes, and PEI potatoes that were stuffed with things like lobster and cheese. Awesome.

The main course was a sit down dinner for the 450 people at long tables. They served everyone a prime rib plate with root veggies and a full lobster. Also, a "ceasar" which is like a bloody mary. The ended the meal with cheesecake. One of the remarkable things was, aside from the spectacle of food, that they served the main course to everyone simultaneously within 8 minutes... prime rib being carved table-side. Can you imagine?? I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't there.

This event was so worth the $110. I'd go again in a heart beat. I'd even make a special pilgrimage to re-attend!