Canadian Museum for Human Rights

While staying at Grand Beach Provincial Park, we went into Winnipeg one day for errands and to look around. We were only planning on spending one day there, and the city was about an hour and a half from our campground, so not a short day trip in our opinion. However, while I was grocery shopping, the check out clerk asked where I was from. When I told her our scoop, she said we had to go to the Museum for Human Rights. Well, when someone says "you have to go," we listen! It was too late to go that day, so a few days later we drove back to Winnipeg (which is a super cool city, by the way), and went to this museum. Wow, I am so glad we did. We spent a few hours there, until it closed in fact, but we could easily have spent more time. The exhibits were fascinating and the architecture was inspiring.

The exhibits covered everything from First Nation history to Asian immigrants to gay rights to women's rights etcetera etcetera. Interactive exhibits, and many "hi-tech" ones, too.