Spray Lake

While staying at Bow Valley Campground in Alberta outside of Canmore, we were sweating it up in our trailer sans electricity to run the a/c, so we were trying to find a place to take us and Avery for a swim. We googled and asked around and were only told of two places: Quarry Lake which is really crowded and xx which is has a steep embankment and really nasty clay like soil in the lake that your feet get swallowed up in. We decided to take a drive to be in an air conditioned car, and in the process we discovered Spray Lake. Oh what a wonderful surprise that was. I am not sure why very few people were there and nothing was written about it as a good swimming hole in the area. It was one of the more beautiful lakes I've seen. The water was pretty darn cold, but I still went in, all the way to get my hair wet. Avery thought she was in heaven. The setting was shockingly beautiful, the water was clear as drinking water, the rocky bottom was easy to walk on, and there were only a handful of people competing for time in this lovely place.