Yellowstone: Day 2 -- The 4 a.m. search for wolves and moose

We decided to get up really early to go to Yellowstone and see if we could catch sight of any wolves or moose -- both of which had been evading us. We'd seen lots of bison... so, so many bison... and plenty of elk, deer, marmots, birds, etc. But those darn moose were hiding on us, and we really wanted to see the wolves, too.

So off we go in the wee hours of the morning.

We are pretty sure we saw a moose, but it was from so far away we couldn't confirm that 100%.

We definitely saw a mama wolf, albeit through someone's telescope. She was standing outside the wolf den. There's a photo here, but it's still hard to make out what it is. She had some pups that rolled around with her for a bit too, but we didn't capture that on camera.