The Drive to Powder Mountain

Back in November we met a nice couple at the Wahweap Campground outside of Page, UT. During our conversation with them, we learned that they lived in what they said was a really beautiful place. It's a town called Eden, and for good reason! It's a small, mountain town with a nice reservoir and lots of great views. We know this now first-hand because we went to visit them while we were staying at Antelope Island. They were gracious hosts and told us about the town and how they came to be there. They had just gotten married, and he had just finished his year-long home building project. His home was beautiful!

They told us some other places to explore on our own -- one was Powder Mountain. It was a short drive up the hill from their house, but it was a 16% grade. I've never heard of such a thing! We were so happy that we didn't have the trailer with us! We never would have made it up that hill. But with just our truck, and instructions from Michael on how to work our Jake Brake, low gears, and regular brake, we were "all good". Crazy drive, but it was beautiful and worth it. We also went up to the ski resort where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held. All in all a really wonderful day!