One of my top 5 favorite view spots

I may be weird, but even though the Grand Canyon is grand, Bryce Canyon was more impressive to me. I couldn't stop saying "Wow" as we walked the Rim Trail to see the overview of all of the highlights. It is remarkable.

And this canyon wasn't formed by a river like most canyons. Rather it was formed by weather changes: rain, snow, frost and the like. Really, truly amazing. This should be a bucket list item for everyone!

I also found it very peculiar that for every English speaking tourist there were 5 (or more) non-native tourists. Why we don't explore the beauty in our own country when people from other countries marvel at its beauty, I'll never understand. Arches National Park was like that too. And the Grand Canyon. Sure, there are Americans out here visiting the sites, but it seems that there is an imbalance in the numbers of natives, and those from other countries. This is very odd to me!