Now I know why it's called the GRAND Canyon

We took a couple days off of Lake Powell to travel to the Grand Canyon. We spent the night in Williams, AZ which is about 1 hour away from the Grand Canyon and is a really cute historic town with part of it on Route 66.

I definitely know now why the Grand Canyon is called the GRAND Canyon instead of a "Cool Canyon" or just a "Canyon"... it truly is Grand. Well, I figured it would be, but it's a whole different thing when you see it for yourself.

It was the most crowded National Park we've been to so far. We've truly been spoiled by traveling in the off-season. I'm sort of dreading the upcoming summer crowds, but I certainly am still looking forward to seeing all the cool sights. It's the price we must pay!

Not sure if I've made this note yet in my blog, but we've been enjoying this trip so much that we are going to be continuing for at least another year so that we can get up to Alaska next summer. This truly is an experience of a life time.