Carlsbad Caverns

After seeing Kartchner Caverns I didn't think Carlsbad Caverns could impress me. But lo and behold, it's a completely different experience and just as impressive.

To begin with, you walk down 1.5 miles or so -- down steep and damp pathways -- to get to what feels like the deep recesses of the earth. It's a bit intimidating really. Fortunately, we could take an elevator up! The walk down took about an hour and a half. The walk through the cavern took another hour and a half or so. The "room" was massive and the formations were as well. The lighting was just as dim as Kartchner, to protect the bats I believe, but the atmosphere was a bit more Disneyland-like in the overall vibe. For example, there was a concession stand selling t-shirts down at the bottom of the cavern! Very odd, I thought.