Tombstone and Bisbee

Tombstone is cheesy to the max, but Bisbee is a cool historic town, not too far from Tombstone. We would have spent more time at Bisbee if we had known to spend less time at Tombstone, but alas, that's the way things work out sometimes. We would DEFINITELY go back to Bisbee to explore more. I am glad we went to Tombstone, simply so I can say I've been there, but it was like Disneyland, which I'm not overly fond of either. It is one of those things you have to do once, though! The only downside to Bisbee that we found was that there are very limited places to eat outside with your dog. That's the other reason we had to cut it short... we were famished and there was no where we could dine! Our stomachs won out!