Hike to the Hoover Dam

Off on an adventure again with our friend CJ, we heard about a hike that was 7 miles one-way to Hoover Dam through railroad tunnels that were blasted to get the workers to the spot to build the dam. Well I wasn't about to do a 14-mile hike to the dam, but agreed that the tunnels would be cool to see. On the way we bumped into some runners who clarified that it was 7-8 miles ROUND TRIP. I'd already done a 7-mile hike with CJ during the Death March, so I agreed to do the hike all the way to the Dam. I am so glad we did! The tunnels were interesting, the views were beautiful, and the Dam was amazing to see. It's the Old Railroad Grade hike, I believe, and it starts at the Lake Mead Visitor Center. If you come this way, I definitely recommend it! We had Avery with us so we couldn't do the tour of the Dam, but that's on our list to do later this stay.