Lost in Lake Mead

The friend that we did the "Death March" with a few months ago paid us a visit in Lake Mead to celebrate J's birthday. Once again, we went on a "hike to nowhere." Ha ha ha. We went to the Ranger's station and asked where the Owl Canyon hike started. She gave us a vague answer but we set out to find it. It was supposed to be a slot canyon that isn't accessible with the lake is high, but because it's a bit low right now, we were supposed to be able to walk it. Well, there was no signage where there was supposed to be, but we decided to explore anyway. We would up doing a loop around a knoll and partially alongside Lake Mead. It was beautiful, but no slot canyon appeared. If you ever want to do this hike, be aware that the big sign in the parking lot that says "You are Here" is inaccurate and is actually pointing to a spot on the map 40 miles away, and that there is apparently no sign for this slot canyon. If you find it, please post a comment so we know for next time! Here's a photo from that hike, though, just to prove we really did try!