We drank the water... again! (Virgin River at Zion)

In an earlier post, I talked about how we used our SteriPen to sterilize the water at a creek we were camping by so that we could drink it. I've decided I want to drink water from every National Park or Monument that we go to that has fresh water. So... while we were at Zion National Park, we drank water from the Virgin River, again using the SteriPen. I love this little device because it's so small and does the job so well. It's very exciting to think that I don't always have to lug a bunch of water with me along a hike; if the hike has a creek or lake or river, I can use that water! Yippee!

The winds had died down and temperatures got warmer, so we spent the last two days at Zion National Park, mostly driving and doing a few small hikes. The paths were icy, and many were closed, so it limited us a bit. But there were beautiful frozen waterfalls and of course the huge cliffs.

The red cliffs in Zion Canyon were massive beasts of rock!

We also took a day to go to Kolob Canyon, a part of Zion National Park that many people don't make it to. We wanted to do one of the hikes there, but again the trails were closed due to ice and snow. If we'd had cleats on our shoes, we may have been able to do it. But we didn't, so alas.

The red cliffs at Kolob Canyon were also massive, and had much more vegetation and trees growing on them.

It was fun to see frozen waterfalls, and watch them melt and to see the ice break off.