Products we love and why: Part III

We've had more time now to play with our purchases. I've updated reviews on some earlier products, and here are some current reviews on ones not yet discussed:

We love this water jug because of it's shape and size. It fits nicely upright in both our truck and our xterra, so it doesn't seem to take up much room. It's great for tent camping, or for extra water when boondocking. We have 3 of them!

"A composting toilet?" you may ask. Yes! We love it. We don't have to clean a black water tank all the time. Yes, this does need to be dumped and refilled from time to time, but the coir that is in it to compost the solid waste works fast and fabulously so there is no "gross-factor" when dumping. It's also great because boondocking means dry camping which means no hook ups. This allows us to dry camp MUCH longer than if we had a traditional toilet with a black tank.

Personally, we prefer this composting material to the peat moss option. This is easy to order and easy to work with and works great! It does come very hard and compacted, so we use a knife to hack into it. There are tips to using a composting toilet. I will try to write a blog on it at some point, but if you are curious about it, nudge me via our contact page and I will do it sooner!