Brutal weather in Hurricane and Fun Hikes in Kanab

The town makes it sound appropriate that we had crazy weather here, but the locals actually pronounce the name: her-kin. We moved here because the weather was supposed to turn bad in Kanab, and we didn't want to get stuck somewhere we couldn't get out of. Hurricane is much closer to freeways and a bigger town, and the campground we are at (Sand Hollow) isn't too far from main roads, unlike Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Kanab.

We chose both Kanab and Hurricane because of it's proximity to Zion, but so far, we've only been a the Park one day because the weather has been BRUTAL. Between rain, 20+ mph COLD winds (down to 17 degrees at times), we haven't been inclined to get out of our trailer. Luckily, our trailer is cozy and warm and the four of us do well together, even when cooped up in small spaces.

We did do some exploring of Zion before the weather got really harsh, so those pics are below. As I write right now, the trailer is shaking like we are having a really long earthquake because the winds are so crazy!

At Kanab's Coral Pink Sand Dunes we saw some amazing sunsets from their lookout area:

We also did some fabulous hikes (Toadstools, Wire Pass to Buckskin Gulch, and others) while we were at Kanab, and before the weather turned sour:

Omar and Avery loved watching for bunnies: