Adventures in Moab

It's been so long since I've done a post. We have been Boondocking at a location (Big Bend Campground in Moab) with no cell reception at all so posting to the blog is impossible unless we come to town.

I am now doing my laundry and have a moment to post via my phone.

We spent about four days at Arches National Park. Another couple of days we spent at Canyonlands. We also went to Dead Horse State Park. We did more hikes than I can recount, and saw so many beautiful things. Below is a summary and photos from some of the highlights.


We found a deserted campground (it filled up later and then emptied again over the course of the two weeks we were there) in the middle of a canyon with skyscraper-tall red cliffs all around. It was awe-inspiring. Here are some pics of our site and the views from it that we got to look at every day for two weeks!


I discovered an app called "Just Ahead" that gives GPS generated narrations for many national parks in the U.S. We decided to test it at Arches and did the drive of the entire park with the app on. It was well worth it ($14.99)! We learned things about the history of the people, the animals, the park itself and more. We definitely recommend trying it out. We also learned of another one called "GyPSy" but haven't tried that one yet. We will report when we have tried it and let you know if it's better or not. It is cheaper, so we are very curious.

Here are some pics from that first day. We did several of the shorter hikes and did the full drive.


Day 1 we did the drive with the pets in the car. The subsequent days we took Avery to doggy day care at Karen's Canine Campground. It's a bit pricey at $30/day, but we didn't have a lot of options as we wanted to do full days of hiking and exploring and dogs are not allowed on the trails in most/all (?) National Parks.

Delicate Arch is a challenging hike, but definitely well worth it. When I review the difficulty of hikes, you must keep in mind that I am a (currently) out-of-shape and over-weight person. I don't intend to stay that way, but what is "hard" for me could be easy for others.

Here are some pics from that hike. The one with the people underneath the arch is to show you how big the arch is. Yes, those people are us. :)