The Death March

We had a close friend visit us today (CJ) and wanted to do a special hike with her and her dog Percy. I suggested a loop called Bumping Knot which we had passed by on a different hike and been curious about it. For some reason I thought the loop was about 2 miles. The hike to the loop was about 2 miles round trip. A 4-mile hike would be perfect, I surmised. Why I didn't look on the map at the distance or the difficulty rating, I will never know. But I didn't. So we set out on this nice mellow 4 mile hike (I'm thinking) and a third of the way in, once we are fully committed, we realize that it's a tad longer... i.e, 7.1 miles. AND it has a difficulty rating of "difficult" when I was expecting "easy" or "moderate." Now, for some of you a 7 mile+ difficult hike is what you do in your sleep. But I'm schlepping a number of extra pounds around, so this is NOT an easy type of hike for me to do! I tried to stay focused on the beauty. I am very happy we've been doing other hikes that have helped me build up stamina a bit or I would have killed someone. I am proud of myself for completing it. And I'm actually looking forward to our next hike. Maybe I will actually get back into shape while on this one year RV adventure. Fingers Crossed!