Enterprise, Joseph, and the Tram

We took a relaxing drive to explore the nearby towns: Enterprise and Joseph. They are both super cute and we decided we'd go back again another day to explore them more.

We then had a picnic lunch at Wallowa lake. We discovered a "pet exercise area" trail. Neither of us had ever seen a “pet exercise trail” at a park before. This was exactly what we needed to let Diabla Blanca (aka Avery) blow off some steam. It was a wilderness hike, just for dogs. Nice!

We had read about a tram that takes you to the top of mount Howard (8200 ft elevation) so we decided to check it out. This was the longest tram in the US when it was originally built. It's a 13 min ride to top. We didn't get there until 3:30 and didn't realize the last tram down was at 4:45 until after we had bought our $32 tickets. Yikes. That's 5 times more than our campsite costs! The trip was definitely worth it, but when you go, leave enough time to hike the trails at the top. We were able to do one loop, but there are several. Also, bring a coat. Wow is it cold up there and the winds are wild, so hat, coat, warm stuff is necessary.