Minam: "If the tent's a-rockin'..."

Not OUR tent, silly! I know that's what you were thinking...

We paid our whopping $5 to camp at a delightfully cozy campground in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (North Eastern Oregon). It was a leisurely day... we walked the road and checked out the fishing spots. As night approached, an unexpected rain came. And with that, we heard the song "Lola... Lo-, Lo-, Lo- Lola" and then there were sounds from our neighbor's tent indicating we should give them some space! The odd thing was, after that, the solo man in the tent on the other side of us started rocking his tent too. Well, well, well. Rain in a campground can inspire all sorts of interesting developments.

Our spot was campsite #6 which was riverfront. This first day there were (obviously) other people in the campground. But the following days it was nearly empty... more to follow.