Secret spot in Lostine

If you go to Lostine to camp, definitely check out Williamson campground off Lostine River Road (turns into a numbered Forest Road). We stayed at site #3 which was spectacular. Check out the video. This was our private beach off our campsite. From the road above, this site doesn't look special, which is why I call it a secret. But when you go down into it on foot, you realize the find. Oh, and it's a whopping $6/night. Wow. There's only about 8 sites in the entire campground. When we were there it was completely empty the entire time, except for us, of course. The gravel road to get there is fairly brutal... I was glad we were sans trailer. But it's definitely worth it if you can handle the bumpy road.

The exciting development for K was that she finally realized we could stay here as long as we want (but no more than 14 days without relocating down the road, due to "dispersed camping" rules) and realized they had achieved the freedom that she'd been looking for. She always dreamed of being a gypsy or nomad, and now she finally was. With no commitments, no where to be, it felt like the ultimate freedom. And with no cell phone, ipad, computer, etc., she finally felt free of technology, too. It was incredibly liberating!

That night, we were reminded that we were truly in the wilderness. While cooking dinner we heard a loud (probably large) "cat" noise. Definitely unsettling to hear something feasting. Then, probably 4 hours later while we were sleeping in our tent, we heard what sounded like gravel being trampled and a tree being crunched. The next morning we saw what appeared to be a fawn's footprint, so we are convincing ourselves that what we heard was a couple of deer bounding through our campsite. I like to think that's what it was!