Officially on our way!!

We are hitting the road today in our truck (Tabby) to do some tent camping before the weather turns bad. We'll probably be able to tent camp for a couple of weeks. Then we will get in our toy hauler (Toby) and start that part of the adventure.

From our earlier "shake down" trip I realized that RVing is much more like living in a mobile house than it is like camping, hence this trip while the weather is still perfect.

We were initially intending to go to Fairholme campground in the Olympic National Forrest in Washington, but sadly our dog Avery was attacked by another dog a few days ago and the vet doesn't want her swimming until her wound is healed. Fairholme is on Lake Crescent and our favorite sites have their own lakefront beaches. We would never be able to keep Avery out of the lake. 😕

So change of plans...

We've decided to check out Minam campground which is in the Walowa National Forrest in north east Oregon. We will let you know our opinion in the next blog entry.

After this we think we will head to the Painted Hills in central Oregon, but it will depend on the weather and how much fun we are having at Minam.

I hope we never have to repack the truck, though, so we may just become squatters at Minam! If you could see how full our truck is you'd understand. Maybe I will add some pics of it when we get there. We literally have every nook and cranny filled.

At any rate, we are excited to have finally started the big trip!