MOUNT HOOD, OR -- Sahalie & Umbrella Falls hike

So, J tried to kill K today. K said she wanted to do an "out and back" portion of the hike to Sahalie and Umbrella Falls. She wanted to avoid the meadows, which added on another 2 miles, and just hike along the falls. The elevation gain was 1200 feet this time, and the full loop was over 5 miles. K didn't think she was ready to take on a hike with a 300% increase in elevation gain, 50% gain in distance, and 75% gain in altitude. HOWEVER... the stars did not align, and low and behold we took a wrong turn and wound up going in the opposite direction intended and started in the meadow. So, K got to push it, and so happy she did! The meadow was beautiful, and while the hike was more challenging than what she had intended, once she got her head around it and started looking around, all was good. Beautiful flowers; peaks of Mount Hood peaks; and the gorgeous Umbrella Falls. All in all a great day. All were worn out, especially K and Avery (pic below is of Avery asleep on/by her water bowl). Meanwhile, back at the pad, Omar held down the camp and enjoyed the alone time, watching critters outside the windows.