BUHL, ID to SILVER CITY, ID and back

After browsing our book "Off the Beaten Path," with suggestions of places to go ... well... off the beaten path... we decided to take a (long) drive to Silver City. It was incredibly varied terrain -- everything from arid desert to lush forest. On the way we passed the big Sand Dunes. Silver City itself was quite an usual experience. I've never been to a true "ghost town" and this is definitely that! We traveled an hour and a half or so from Buhl to a dirt road, and then traveled the dirt road for 23 miles! Thank god we didn't have our trailer with us and were just in our Ram. More than an hour after turning off the pavement we finally hit Silver City itself. There are still people living there, but few businesses and none that were open. While the town had public bathrooms scattered here and there because of the lookie loos that come by, it was not exactly a tourist town since there was no money to be made by the tourism. We saw a most amazing church on a hill (photo to be posted soon), an OLD cemetery, cows in the middle of town, and ancient buildings. We spent about 40 mins puttering around as best as we could but with no parking in town, and no businesses open, there wasn't a lot to do after driving through it. We set back out on the long dirt road, and got back to Toby about 8pm. Long day, but we saw lots of interesting things along the way. Well worth the trip.