Woke up late and K was able to use the hot spring’s phone to call the sway bar manufacturer, turns out it’s a known issue. They will be shipping us some beefier components and explained how we can work around it until we are home. Spent part of the day gathering parts to make it work, and were thankful to all the kind folks in Buhl who helped us. We have one other trailer neighbor today……Art and Sue….an elderly “farm couple”. They are adorable and have made us feel like true towing novices…he rides with an old F-150, towing a trailer that is towing a fishing boat. Watched him back this rig up like it was nothing. Someday hope we can do the same. It was too darn hot for hot springs by the time we were back from town. Waiting out the heat of the day drinking local beer (208…..not a fan) and getting my a$$ kicked in canasta.