We met Garrett early to pick up Toby, he was willing to come in on a Sunday (they are closed) on a holiday weekend. He spent more time with us checking things out and continued to problem solve our electrical problem with us. He has a good idea that we are hoping to try on our way through Boise in a couple of days. K did an awesome job of doing most of the driving, and all the parking once we arrived. The kind folks here saved us “the easy in/out” site for us when we told them we were newbie trailer drivers. Not sure I’d call it “easy” but we are in……and hopefully will make it out in a couple days. Once we arrived, we realized our sway bar on one side had broken. Kinda of freaked us out. While we were happy to have arrived safely, we had no way of problem solving it on a Sunday with no cell signal. K tried most of the afternoon to get our “Weboost” working. It is suppose to boost cell signal in remote areas…..so far we are not convinced of it’s worth and may be sending it back. Since we were stuck….only people at the camp ground and the “resort” is closed on Sundays…..the only thing to do was splash around with Avery in the Snake River that runs right in front of our site. We agreed not to talk about our technical difficulties for the evening and everyone slept in…..even nasty cat.