SINK HOLLOW tent camping

Woke up early, and attempted to hike to “the plane crash”. People speak of it like it’s common knowledge…. unfortunately how far back on the road they are is not common knowledge. We were told a mile or so…..after walking an hour and 20 straight, we gave up and turned around. We were pretty disheartened that we couldn’t cover a mile in that time. Thank goodness for google….when we were back in cell range, we discovered it’s six miles off the road and is the site of the Keith Crane plane crash in 1953. Later, we took an amazing 3-state day trip…Utah, Wyoming, Idaho to Palisades Reservoir. The whole drive was beautiful and we found some amazing boondocking spots along the way. Had lunch and played in the water with Avery for quite a while, she eventually turned white again. We are excited to explore the area more on our way to the Tetons and Yellowstone this fall. On the way back we stopped in Garden City, UT famous for their raspberry shakes. Literally, people wait in line for 45 minutes for these things. Not really my jam….but tasty none the less. Another, nice evening at camp….but gotta say missed Toby the trailer when the bugs set in. Woke up to a wild cat in our tent an 4 am….Omar was possessed by the devil and would not settle down. After, 40 minutes of trying to calm him down, I made the trek out to the truck barefoot, in my underwear over the log crossing with nasty cat in my arms. He spent the rest of the night in Avery’s crate inside the truck.