We huffed our way up to the top of the chair lift for an early morning view over the valley. Then we dropped Toby at the RV hospital (Rocky Mt. RV) for the inverter and some odds and ends. They call it the “shake down” period. When everything that is going to break, busts and lots of stuff needs to be adjusted. We were expecting it, but still frustrating nonetheless. With that said, we feel SOOOO lucky to be dealing with David Hobbs and Garrett there. They have gone above and beyond, over and over to make things right and keep us happy. I could write a whole entry (and I will) detailing just how extraordinary their customer service is. We settled into our tent site that afternoon. I did most of the schlepping over the log “bridge” while K set up camp. We soaked in the creek and played with Avery. She was a dark grey color by the end and happy as a clam. Happy hour was self moderated because after 2 cocktails I could no longer navigate the logs to get refills. Great dinner under the stars and a quiet peaceful sleep as well.