Woke up refreshed and to a wild dog (Avery) ready to explore this new found paradise. After coffee, we went for a hike. We are out of shape and climbing up out of here toward the summit gassed us both. Gasping for air made me feel more alive and determined to regain some semblance of fitness. Gonna be a long road, but where better to huff away than on a trail far removed from it all. Tomorrow, we’ve got to bring Toby (the trailer) in to have the inverter replaced so we will be tent camping the next couple of days. Ed suggested an awesome boondocking spot, so we scurried down the road and up Sink Hollow road to stake our claim. The site he suggested is across a small creek that will hopefully give us some privacy and buffer from the onslaught of ATV’s expected this weekend. It is Pioneer Days, which has been described as the “Mormon Fourth of July”, a big celebration. Should be fun….happy we have secured our bit of wilderness real estate in advance. Thank you Ed.