We finally had a “win” after days of frustration. We knew there was a “break in” period, but never thought living through it would almost “break” us. (details in another post…..but if not for our heroes David and Garrett at Rocky Mountain RV, we would have lost our minds] Now to the good stuff, our first official (Walmart doesn’t count) campsite was Beaver Mountain. It is a ski resort in the winter and a wilderness paradise in the summer. The camp host ED is the nicest, funniest, and patient human I’ve come across in a while. He made us feel welcome, with just the right amount of guidance and hands off approach as we bumbled our way through setting up “Toby the trailer” for the first time. After, we managed to pull together a great meal as a beautiful moon rose over Logan Canyon. Other than our new friend Ed, we were the only people for miles, and it was magical. With the temperature finally cooling off, we slept better than we had in a week. The solitude, the peaceful beauty and the much needed sleep were our “win”. This is what we had in mind when we set off on this wild ass journey. Here’s to more like days ahead.