Sand Hollow State Park

- the sites were very easy to get into, especially the pull-throughs

- the views were lovely, especially high on the hill and low near the lake

- there are several camping options: dry camping, beach dry camping, and full-hookups

- it is very conveniently located close to Hurricane, UT and Zion National Park

The big minus was the weather, which was a surprise: extremely windy. Now some of that was the season, but apparently it can be quite windy often. We were perched high on the hill (I believe it was space 21 in the full-hookup area) and we were slammed with wind! We thought it was a fluke, but others said it's windy often. So, you may want to forgo the mountain views up high and instead stay lower near the lake.

We checked out the Sand Pit dry camping site and we liked it quite a bit and saw that it also had very easy pull-throughs, but we were warned that if we weren't ATVers, we may not like it there. We also checked out the beach boon docking sites, and while the sand was thick, I might even feel comfortable going into it. Not sure, but maybe.

STARS: 3.75 out of 5

SAND HOLLOW STATE PARK, UT: GPS 37.1182° N, 113.3886° W

There were several pluses to this campground: