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Salton Sea beach

Stars: 4* out of 5


33.5044712, -115.9147195

The * in the above campground review rating is because of two things: first of all, we would have rated it a 5 out of 5 had dogs been allowed on the beach, trails, and water, but they weren't; secondly, we were there during the winter and supposedly summers are very smelly, so that would likely reduce it to a 3 out of 5. But overall, we loved it here.

When we told our friends and family who live in Palm Springs that we were coming here next, the common response was to crinkle their nose and furrow their eyebrows and ask why. So we were expecting the worst. However, we found it to be spectacularly beautiful and exceptionally easy parking.

We didn't experience any smell at all and the views were beautiful. One thing to note though, is that 50 trains (literally) go by throughout the day and night. We both like the sound of trains so it didn't bother us; but if you are sensitive to noise or don't like trains, don't stay here!