On the Road Pet Tips

Before hitting the road, have your vet do a physical exam.

At the vets office, ask them to email you digital copies (PDFs) of their medical and vaccination records. This will help when you have to take them to a vet on the road. Also, most doggy day cares require copies of your dog's vaccination records.

If you are traveling with a cat and need a portable litter box, purchase a large shallow Tupperware container to use as a litter box. That way you have a lid. We haven't found any litter boxes with lids except for the huge ones.


For your RV, use a ModKat litter box (search for it using our Amazon link!) because it is easier to clean and will keep litter from being tracked around.

Another cat tip is to use a Puppia adjustable harness (the one where you can adjust the neck) and a bungy type of leash.

If your pet eats a prescription food, or specialty food that is hard to find, use Chewy (website and app) to order the products and have them delivered to you at a local Shipping Store or US Post Office (see our "General Delivery" tip under General Tips.

Also find Dog Daycare Reviews under "On the Road Doggy Daycare."