Miscellaneous Tips

Get the America the Beautiful National Parks pass for $80/year or if you are over 65 it's $10 for now for a LIFETIME pass, although I believe that they are changing that, so get yours soon! People with disabilities can get an access pass for free. This pass will get you into National Parks for free, but will also be accepted at many state parks and USFS land.

For 2017, Canada is letting everyone into their National Parks for free! Get your park pass now if you are going to be in Canada during this anniversary celebration!


Read customs rules when traveling between the US and either Canada or Mexico. Not knowing rules can cause you MAJOR problems.

Get a sun oven and an outdoor stove to cook outdoors on hot days without heating up your "house".

Freeze large cubes instead of a regular ice cube tray to have longer lasting drinks.

Create your own fire-starters by saving your toilet paper and paper towel cardboard rolls. Fill them with dryer lint or cotton balls (100% cotton only) and put a big blob of petroleum jelly covering the openings of each end.

Buy a "Water Bandit" (see "Products We Love") to use when you want to get water from a water spigot that doesn't have a natural way to attach your hose. We've also used it attached to a funnel to dump water into our tank from a water storage can.