STARS: 3.75 out of 5


This campground is very conveniently located to Yellowstone National Park via the west entrance. It's only about a 5 minute drive to the town of West Yellowstone.

We had an extremely easy pull-through (#56). 53 (which is next to 56) is significantly harder to navigate because it is a sharper bend with trees and boulders around the perimeter. 63 and 64 (I think those are the right numbers) are both very easy pull-throughs that have lake views. They were both occupied when we got there which is why we opted for 56. We explored the entire campground and the lower numbered sites (1-15 or so) are in a lovely part of the campground with lots of trees and more privacy. The sites are back-ins, though, and range from very tight to spacious. Space 1 is a quite large back in with little obstructions to worry about and it has access to the river. There is also a trail in this part of the campground that leads all the way to the town of West Yellowstone. It's about 3 miles long. Beware of bears, though, if it is bear season as they frequent this campground and all of this general area.

The drop toilets were extremely clean and were spaced nicely throughout the campground.

The potable water was via a hosebib with attached hose near the entrance to the campground. It was very easy to access and the attached hose was a nice amenity.

The town of West Yellowstone has two markets, which I only went into one of them. The market I went into had reasonable prices on pretty much everything I bought, which surprised me as I thought they'd jack up the prices due to tourism.

The photos on the left are from the official Baker's Hole website as I neglected to take some while we were there!

NOTE: Verizon was so-so; AT&T was worse, as was T-Mobile.